Important notice

It is very important to pay attention to something of a high spiritual nature before, and after reading any type of documentation relating to supernatural phenomena that could be caused by autonomous entities, such as demons or ghosts. So take a deep breathe, and pay attention to your divine concept (God, Buddha, Vishnu, Universal Love...). And repeat the process after you've read this website.

What is a possession

A possession can be any kind of influence that an autonomous external energy or entity have on your mind, your heart, and eventually your body. Depending on the tradition, a possession can happen through various means. Some believe a pact has to be done, some believe only your behavior defines if you can be pocessed or not. Some people believe that ghosts and demons are actual autonomous entities, and all those believe that possession and exorcism are only metaphors that points to one's inner state of being, mental and emotional health, struck by negativity.

If we observe the concept of possession from only a single religious tradition, we will have a limited view of the phenomena. The Christians, Buddhists, Hindu and Islam each have different views on possession and exorcism. Somewhere in between there is a common aspect. It is from this unified view that we provide this training on exorcism.

Possession vs. mental illness

Some people are diagnosed with a mental illness, while in fact they are pocessed. Others are diagnosed with a possession, while in fact they have a mental illness. Only an experienced exorcist would know the difference. Considering that pocessing entities are not necessarily entities, but could be simply and accumulation of negative energy in the mental or emotional plane, the difference between a possession and a mental illness is not so clear.

We recognize a possession mostly because of its supernatural implications. Some possessions will develop paranoia, hallucinations, and even extrasensory perception. Then again, psychosis or schizophrenia could have the same symptoms. Other possessions will develop chronic laziness, or anger, or even an inability to understand certain things. Still, we could find medical issues related to all these symptoms.

The most obvious sign of possession is a reaction towards blessings, prayer, or holy items. A simple cross is not necessarily holy, it might not have been blessed by a competent authority in the matter. If someone does not react to a Bible, a Buddhist statue, a Hindu symbol, it does not mean they are not pocessed. Most of the time it simply indicates that the items or symbols were not blessed, and did not carry a holy energy. Not every item can serve as a detection device for possession, even if they seem to come from a religious background.

A possessed person will naturally react against any kind of spiritual practice. They won't do it themselves, and they will not trust anyone with a holy energy. Not every subjects are pocessed at the same degree. Some people ignore that they have a possession, because they come in so many different ways.

It is important to have a good training in exorcism before we start declaring someone to be pocessed or not. In the end only a trained exorcist can tell the difference between a possession and a simple mental illness.

Different levels of possession

Taint: at this level, subject is only affected by an accumulation of negative energy in his mental or emotional body. There is no entity implicated. It is often the result of repressed emotions or a negative attitude. Charging the mantras of the five elements will prove to be an efficient way to avoid accumulating taint in our energy bodies. FREE download below, on the right.

Succubus: at this level, what was a taint before, now agglomerated into a distinct pocket of negative energy. It is not yet an autonomous being, but left uncured, will eventually become more powerful. It usually hangs on someone, and sucks on the subjects energy to feed like a parasite. At this stage it already affects the mind, heart and body of the subject. It is still possible for anyone to free themselves from this level of possession using prayers and various spiritual techniques found in Training Kit #1.

Incubus: a succubus will eventually become dense enough to form a pocket, or a shell around itself, and be considered an autonomous entity. At this point, it penetrates into the body and starts the phase of incubation. The influence of an incubating entity grows quickly on one's mind. At this point an incubus is extremely difficult to remove. The intervention of an exorcist will be essential.

Minor demon: after its phase of incubation, a minor demon is created. It is at this point that the autonomous entity gains some level of free will. The minor demon, like a baby, while not have enough power to control the subject fully, but will suggest intense ideas in the mind, that the subject is likely to believe comes from him, and even that they are a legitimate. At this point the emotional reactions are getting stronger. A minor demon of laziness will start to drag the subject down the hill leading to hell. A minor demon of anger will have the subject burst with powerful reactions to any kind of provocation. A minor demon of greed will push the subject to disregard the law in order to obtain something. At this point, it is very likely to observe supernatural phenomena.

Demon: a full-blown adult demon residing in a subject’s body will work its way to become the owner of the body. For some, this process can take months, and for others, only a few days. It is at this point that the subject will experience the most supernatural events related to the possession. Some cases of possession will not go beyond this point, if this specific type of demon requires a human entity to act as a host.

Full possession: if the demon does not require a human mind to function in a body, it will suffocate the human mind until it has no more existence. The subject loses all free will, and is never more convinced that everything is fine. Eventually, the human dies, leaving the demon in full possession of the body, acting however he wishes. It is too late, there is no one left to save. These are the rare cases of full possession, where someone’s personality changes drastically to become extremely arrogant, lazy, vicious, disrespectful… It can take years to go from taint to full possession. In extreemly rare cases, a few weeks, if the subject had a lot of "handles" the possessing entity could use, such as emotional trauma, depression, or extreem sickness. Do not be so hasty to declare someone to be possessed.

Other types of possession

Major Demon: although it is extremely rare, a major demon might try to pocess a host, especially if the subject is inclined to supernatural experiences, such as clairvoyance or acute intuition. Even the saints are aggressed by these kinds of demons. It is not a demon that will be born in someone and grow progressively. It is an existing demon who aims at the most powerful people, because they need a powerful host to exist in. Even a very holy person only requires a small flaw in their thinking, to give a demon a handle to hang on, and try to work its way into the mind or the heart.

Ghosts: sometimes, the ghost of a deceased person will not let go of terrestrial existence. Instead, they might try to come back to life by penetrating the body of a living person. These are the ghosts of people who were obsessed, oppressing, or enslaved to desire, drugs, people who were abusive, violent or extremely arrogant. It is easy to protect oneself from these kinds of possessions.

Regardless of your spiritual or religious system of belief, the phenomenon of possession is the same for all, using different words to speak about it. Our training system will allow the serious spiritual seeker to become an exorcist, comfortable in all fields it applies.

What is an exorcism

An exorcism is a process that aims at freeing one's mind, heart, and body, from any kind of negative energy, be it from simple density, a ghost, a natural spirit, or even a full-blown autonomous demon. Any type of homemade recipe does not work. The success of an exorcism does not only depend on the technique but also on the exorcist, the person that will operate the exorcism. Training as an exorcist requires a deal of devotion to that path, with daily training during the learning process, and sporadic periods of prayer afterwards.

Exorcism for all: the training Kit we suggest is sufficient for everyone to take care of negative taints or succubus, which are the most popular forms of benign negative influence. If you only wish to protect yourself or those you love, you do not have to dedicate yourself entirely to the path of the exorcist. The Training Kit #1 and the Maha technique (FREE below) will help you attain this goal.

Who is the teacher

Maha Vajra is a  spiritual master well experienced in Oriental and Occidental occultism. He practiced multiple exorcisms with success, helping people from very different religious backgrounds.


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Training Kits

The first training kit introduces you to various concepts required to further your training as an exorcist. There are various techniques to practice. It will require 20 to 30 minutes per day, for about one month. Then, at the end, there is a trial that requires one hour per day for 21 days. If you can do the techniques found in this training kit, you have what it takes to become an exorcist. An exorcist must understand the mind, and purify his own.

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The MAHA Technique

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The Maha Technique will show you how to "charge" the power of the five spiritual elements, regardless of your spiritual or religious background. Then, for those who wish to empower themselves at the supernatural level, there is a short introduction to Kuji-In, an esoteric technique for spiritual empowerment.

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Divine experience of Love

The Divine experience of Love is the highest experience a human being can feel. The more you center yourself in Divine Love, the healthier your mind will be. Divine Love is unattached, and does not relate to another human. It's an experience where you contemplate the Love that is in the Universe. Five minutes of Divine Love everyday, keeps negativity away.

May each of you find, on your path, an experience of Divine Love.



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